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"Oaklands Dental Clinic is rated the best dental clinic in Owerri, Imo State. Our mode of Dental practice in Owerri, has changed the entire face and perception of dentistry in Nigeria as a whole and we are committed to doing more, ranking the best in dental services. The clinic ran by Dr. David Wilifred is strongly recommended".
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Experience The best dental Clinic in owerri

Oaklands Multispecialty Dental Care Center/clinic is currently rated the best dental clinic owerri the capital of Imo State.

We have successfully expanded or patient base to Enugu, Abia(umuahia), Aba, anambra(onitsha), Port Harcourt, Lagos, Osun, Abuja, and and even Ebonyi. 

Oaklands Dental Clinic, Owerri
Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatments with braces.

Braces in owerri, especially in Nigeria has never been cheaper. We ensure that your braces are fixed not only on time but, with less cost. We do accept payment on instalments with 70% first payment.

Brace not only are currently used to treat malocclussion but, are easthetically pleasant, complements fashion, a show of afflunce and finally indicates your high literate level.

Veneers (unbelievable smile)

Veneers are currently in demand in Nigeria. They are used for both correcting malaligned teeth and also, a strong alternative to teeth whitening. Veneers are expensive but, worth it. It will not only allow you smile with cofidence but, with the will to laugh aloud.


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Real time communication with our Dentist

We have enhanced all coummunication channels to our dentist into real time, via facebook groups, facebook page, Instagram, whatApp and all online in our official website to enable you get direct access to them in real time. Diagnosis, advices, and valid information as regards for their current health conditions.

Negotiable treatment costs

In Oaklands Dental Clinic we are not adamant on a particular cost of treatment. Our dentists are very considerate in terms of flexibility in treatment plans and various options, ranging from braces - orthodonthic treatments, veneers, crowns, crowns and bridges, periodontal treatment, oral surgery and a wide range of treatment. Negotiation is part of the art of our serices.

Online care (Consultancy)

Here n our website, and in all social media handles, including google, our dentists re online 24 hours daily to answer and allay your fears as regards dental treatments and COVID-19.

Amazing and conducive enviroment

We pride ourself in one of the most amazing and conducive enviroment, for kids and for adults. Well air conditioned for all manner of treatments. Lumination and side distractions as you await your turn to be treated is readily available in the clinic.

Variety of treatment plans

Oaklands Dental clinic offers variety of treatments options with different costs and plans to suit your dental budgets. So, cost of treatment shouldn't be a problem.

Easy access to the clinic

With the help of our online consultants, finding the clinic is not at all difficult. They will guide you to find oaklands Dental Clinic, Owerri. Secondly, using google map using GPS, will lead you directly to the clinic because we are well sited and spotted in the global map of google.

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