Too many times we are being misled by traditions and myths which we swallow, hook, line and sinker. That’s too made. Many traditions had it that its a bad omen for a baby to be born with teeth; meaning that the baby will grow to become satanic, evil, demonic, or even the demon himself. Sadly, most babies like this end up with less care, humiliation and in extreme cases, they are killed. Tradition, truly has ruin many families, even in our current dispensation. The so called teeth in pediatric dentistry is called NATAL and NEONATAL TEETH. A Natal teeth erupts at birth while a Neonatal teeth erupts during the first month of the baby’s life.

The crown of bite the natal and neonatal teeth may look normal but, actually they are shell teeth, very empty inside. They have no root and they are loosely attached to jaws by a soft tissue.

Something special about the natal teeth is that at birth, you only see the tip of the crown, but as time goes on the roots begins to grow also and the tooth becomes firmer by the day, but the enamel is not well formed well (hypomineralised) and tends to break away easily. Remember, most of these natal and neonatal teeth seen on the lower jaws are usually the normal milk teeth.


1. Try not to remove them at all, as they are usually part of the normal dentition.
2. But, if most of the crown is fully erupted and is not supported by soft tissues, the tooth may be so loose that the baby might require removal. The reason are;
     A. It causes discomfort during feeding either to the child or to the mother (if she breast feeds).
     B. It might dislodge and be either swallowed or inhaled by the baby. This is absolutely dangerous.

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