scaling and polishing

You might be among the many people who tend to ignore the importance of professional scaling and polishing, this is due to your high level of poor dental awareness. In Oaklands Dental Clinic, for example, we have seen several cases of people losing their teeth due to oral negligence.

It is the responsibility of your dentist to teach you how to maintain clean oral hygiene.

Do you know that there are over 300 species of bacteria causing this heavy build-up of calculus and possible mouth odor? Streptococcus mutans is the main cause of dental decay. Various lactobacilli are also associated with the progression of the decay.
These bacteria can cause the following in sequence

Lack of professional mouth cleaning could cause:

1. Exposure of the root of your teeth: These bacteria eat up the surrounding gums and even the bone that supports the teeth leading to massive exposure of the root of the teeth which of course has no covering. This in turn causes your tooth to look longer than expected. Your tooth will become ugly looking, bent, and in most cases shaking.

2. Causes shocking sensation aka tooth sensitivity: When these bacteria start their action on food particles lying on every tooth surface, they cause the tooth to start demineralizing and hence tiny decay starts to occur, firstly on the enamel, then on the dentine leading to sensitivity.

3. Cause the teeth to start shaking (mobility): As the disease progresses, the root is exposed and finally when two-third of the toot supporting structures are gone, the tooth starts shaking, this is called tooth mobility

4. Bleeding gums, even while brushing: On slight provocation by food or brushing, even by your mere touch, your gums begin to bleed. This is because the bacteria in your mouth irritate the soft tissues in your mouth and hence, force the blood cells to produces chemicals to combat or fight these bacteria by the release of these toxins towards the bacteria.

It is not the end; the blood vessels become dilated and engorged with so much of such soldier blood cells. All these lead to inflammation of your gum of which one of the cardinal signs is redness. Redness in your gum tissues can cause bleeding since your mouth is the most vascularized (adequately supplied with blood) part of your body.

5. Severe mouth odor(Halitosis): When all these are happening: tooth decay, gum inflammation, presence of accumulated calculus, and the bacteria themselves, the patient eventually comes down with mouth odor.

6. Tooth decay: These heavy loads of foods and bacteria gives a niche for tooth decay without the patient noticing a cavity. Most of these cavities are seen when your dentist commence professional cleaning removal of the calculus.

7. Lack of confidence to smile in public: When your teeth look like the picture below, trust me, the last thing you would want to do in public is to smile. It is really quite embarrassing.

Heavy calculus load that needs scaling and polishing

8. Severe gum pains and itching: Refer to number 4 above.


Professional Scaling and polishing are done by dental professionals every six months.

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