Dr. David Wilifred

Oaklands Dental Clinic’s journey just barely began 10 years ago is already the best dental clinic in Owerri. The Dental Clinic quickly transformed into Oaklands Multispecialty Dental Care Clinic Ltd.

With over 10 active staff and over 10,000 patient base, we are proudly to be one of the most Outstanding and best dental clinics/practices in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. 

Dr. David Wilifred
Dr. David Wilifred

Welcome, I am Dr. David Wilifred formerly known as Iroanya Chukwuebuka, a BDS (Bachelor of Of Dental Surgery) graduate of the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu Campus.

As a proud Alumnus of UNN, our practice of course is considered a standard for excellence. With over 10 years and counting in the profession of General Dentistry, Masters in clinical dentistry, masters in Internation Public Health, and the Director of Oaklands Dental Clinic, I and my team are sold out to giving our patients the best dental care they deserve, cost notwithstanding.

How we became the best dental clinic in Owerri, Imo State.

Dr. David Wilifred is the current founder and president of Optimus Dental Foundation which aims at providing dental services at no cost to rural communities at the end of every year, In addition, we have also made it a priority to offer all types of dental treatment mid-year (June) for 2 weeks at no cost to all patients present within the said period. These treatments range from a routine dental check-up to scaling and polishing teeth whitening, dental fillings, advanced restorative dental treatments, oral surgeries, and orthodontic treatment via Invisalign, braces, or veneers.

We started off with passion, only to discover that we could do a lot more if we are more. It is our pleasure to handle all your dental treatments at an affordable cost.

Also note that access to me -The Director, is not protocol embedded, because I answer my own call, have direct access to waiting patients, and of course chat with you on our various social media platforms, personally.

Starting off with AFOHODES – Affordable Home Dental Services, years ago exposed me to the gross ignorance of many towards Oral Health. As a single man campaign, I reached out to more than 1,500 patients in 18 months. Hence the need to collaborate and start-up Optimus Dental Foundation to reach much more.

As our team grows in number and partnership with various health organizations nationally and internationally, we hope we can give you the excellence in dental services and Oral Health as a whole.

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